Introduction: IKEA Hack: a Modern Tray

Tray's awkwardness to use underlines its modernism.


- Wood filler
- Wood glue
- Decorative screws
- Paints
- Varnish

Step 1: Disassemble the Box

This instructable needs two long sides, two ends with the handles, and the bottom of the KNAGGLIG box. Use a screwdriver to remove the supporting corners. Remove the nails with pliers or a hammer. Do not disassemble the bottom as it is the bottom of the tray.

Step 2: Fill the Holes and Sand Smooth

Fill the screw and nail holes with wood filler. Use liberal amount of wood filler as it will be sanded smooth. Use a sander with vacuum or sand outside as it gets dusty. *Always use protective gear*

I used 180 grit sand paper with a small B&D Mouse sander.

Step 3: Assemble the Frame

Glue the frame together. Use cling film or tape to prevent the frame from sticking to the base.

I used two different colours for the tray and kept the frame and the base separate until the final assembly. If you are planning to use single colour, glue the pieces together at this stage.

Step 4: Paint the Base

I used spray paint for the base (

Pay extra attention to the ends as they are visible from the handle openings.

Step 5: Paint the Frame

Paint the frame. Lift the frame from the table for a better access to all the sides

I used Osmo Wood Wax in black and treated the frame with two coats (

Step 6: Assemble the Tray

Place the base inside the frame and drill the holes. Fasten the frame and the base with the decorative screws.

I was not paying attention to the base ends when painting and some wood is visible.

Step 7: Finish With Varnish

The paint and the wax are not strong enough for every day use. Finish the tray with varnish to make it more durable.

Step 8: Load With Refreshments

Load with refreshments and present as a gift