Introduction: IKEA Hack: the Persian Lounge

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With a need to create a chill out area, we asked the talented Danish design duo Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen to give us their finest spin on a cosy area using only IKEA products.

The result is a cosy ‘Persian lounge with Scandinavian bones’ that you’ll find hard to leave again.
Watch the hack come together below and learn to master their act in 8 moves. We’ve made it a quick and easy one, so you have more time to chill afterwards.

What you need:

10 TÅNUM rugs3

SÖDERHAM couches

1 INGO table

5-7 INGEFÄRA flower pots

Your choice of plants

Tools: a jigsaw, screwdriver, a stapler, sandpaper and some duct tape

Step 1:

Pull the sofas' sides, backs and seats apart.

Step 2:

Measure and cut the rugs so it fits the sides, backs and seats of the couches.

Step 3:

Wrap it up with duct tape and staples.

Step 4:

Assemble the couch again.

Step 5:

Unscrew the legs from the table top. Then draw a large circle(two pencils and some thread will do the trick) and a smaller in the middle with the same size as the large pots.

Step 6:

Cut the circles with a jigsaw and polish it off with some sand paper.

Step 7:

Gather it all in a nice formation and decorate with plants and books.

Step 8:

Finally, throw yourself on the couch and hang around for a while.

Good luck and please give us a nudge if you give the hack a shot.