IKEA IVAR Workstation

Introduction: IKEA IVAR Workstation

I was searching for the right height standing workstation for months until I came across the IVAR system from IKEA. It's completely modular so you can set the desk height and cabinet configuration however you'd like. Some of the structure pieces (near my monitors) get in the way, so I cut those out and added shelf brackets . Though since I cut out the original supports, just to be safe I don't put anything too heavy above an area I cut away.

This is a massive workstation that's over 7 feet tall. All the pieces from IKEA for the pictured configuration cost me about $600. I used a 3D printer to create custom end grain caps and hooks.


Jig saw


3D Printer (Optional for hooks and caps)



Shelf Brackets

Wood screws

Step 1: Remove Unwanted Supports

I cut away a few supports to open up the desk area. I added shelf brackets to transfer the support from the front to the back. I also added wire and wire tensioners above the shelf brackets but I'm not sure if they're necessary.

Step 2: 3D Printed Accessories

I created a few hooks and end grain caps in Maya and printed them on a Makerbot Replicator 2.

That's it! The IVAR system is probably the most versatile and cost effective solution for a custom work area. After making a few modifications you can transform this storage system into the perfect workstation.

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    4 years ago

    I did something very similar, only with the Ikea Hejne shelving. I ran 21/2x3/4 across the front, where I eliminated the upright to make a 2 section long single shelf and split the uprights, lengthwise, so I could use the same rear upright for, both, the 18 inch deep shelves and the 11 inch shelves, side by side. I also split the front uprights on the work bench section to give more arm room. I will, probably, lay down some 1/4 inch Masonite on the work section so as to eliminate the open parts between the slats.