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Flat pack furniture hacks are a huge passion of mine and it's been so ever since my first Billy book case.

The assembly of this particular molger storage tool hack does not require high montage skills, neither specific tools. After setting up the ready-to-assemble all we have is basic decorative work, which pretty much leaves the flat pack assembly as the "difficult part".

Step 1: This Is How the Raw MOLGER Default Looks Like

Step 2: Prepare It for Disassembly

Step 3: Gently Dismantle the Joints

Step 4: You Would Not Want to Break Anything, Would You

In case you do happen to damage your MOLGER...

Step 5: Your MOLGER Might Need Some Extra Glue

Just make sure you the parts are assembled tightly. The process of putting together a number of parts build back a simple storage unite requires your focus.

Step 6: Re-assemble That Flat Pack

Nails are always welcome when it comes down to IKEA furniture.

Step 7: Make Sure Your Storage Tool Is Solid and Stable

Step 8: Time for Paint!

Step 9: Take Your Time for Details

Step 10: Paint the Lid Properly

Step 11: Another Screenshot While Painted

Step 12: You Could Use Any Colours You Wish

Step 13: How Red and Black Fit

Step 14: Montage Lights.

Choose your colours wisely!
The inner colour has a crucial role.

Step 15: How a Fantastic Furniture Assembly and Hack Look Like!

This lovely hack was done thanks to
Annie Sloam's love for IKEA furniture

Step 16: The End

Feel free to like, comment, share and feedback this lovely IKEA furniture MOLGER hack.

Like everything else IKEA furniture has both pros and cons.
For info I have a detailed knock down fittings disadvantages post.

Fantastic Furniture Assembly

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