IKEA Stockholm Surfboard Table Wrap

Introduction: IKEA Stockholm Surfboard Table Wrap

We found this Ikea Surfboard Stockholm table on the curb in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn and thought it would look good in the office. Unfortunately, it was a little worse for wear so it needed some TLC in the form of wood filler and sanding before we could dress it up in what Philip (the surfer in the thumbnail) calls "millennial teal" but it's really just our Rwraps™ Matte Teal (link below).

Complete How-To Page at Rvinyl


  • Rapid Prep or Cleaner
  • Lint-Free Towel
  • Razor or Exacto Knife
  • A Hard Card or Squeegee
  • Wood Filler (we used Famowood latex-based but you can use a water-based one if you're fancy)
  • Putty Knife
  • Low-Grit Sandpaper
  • Roll of Vinyl Wrap
  • 3M Primer Pen

Step 1: Clean and Prepare Your Surface

Clean the surface of the table with Rapid Prep or other non-wax based cleaner.

Step 2: Identify and Prep Scratches and Gouges

Identify and prepare all deep scratches and gouges to be filled. Sand down table and make even, clean cuts around jagged holes.

Step 3: Tape Around Holes

Use masking tape to tape around areas to be filled.

Step 4: Apply Wood FIller

Using a putty knife, apply wood filler to the damaged areas. Flatten it so that it is flush with the tabletop so you have an easier time sanding it down.

Step 5: Measure Tabletop While Filler Dries

Take advantage of the 15 minute drying time to measure the tabletop so you know exactly how much film you'll need.

Step 6: Remove Tape and Sand Down Fill

Remove the masking tape and sand down all filled in areas. The vinyl is thin so the surface of the table needs to be completely flat or any dents will show through.

Step 7: Clean the Surface

Clean the surface with Rapid Prep again.

Step 8: Apply 3M Primer

Apply 3M Primer to the surface of the table and especially the edges.

Step 9: Remove Vinyl From Tube

Be careful not to dent or scratch the film. Any minor creases can be removed with heat if needed.

Step 10: Peel Up

Peel film about six inches off of liner and tack down on tabletop.

Step 11: Squeegee On

Use a squeegee or hard car to squeegee on the film. Do not press too hard as you may need to reposition in the next step.

Step 12: Get a Friend to HElp

Have a friend take the other side of the film and apply tension while slowly removing the paper liner from the underside of the film. You will be squeegeeing down the film as the do so.

Step 13: Trim

Trim away the excess film. Voila! YOu've wrapped your IKEA table.

Step 14:

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