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Introduction: IKEA Style Laptop Stand

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A few months after I made the Instructable Laptop Stand For Your Netbook it occurred to me that it might be possible to use similar components to design and create a laptop stand for larger notebooks. Stylish, lightweight, and sturdy - and made with IKEA stuff! What could be better?

This Instructable uses only IKEA components and can be easily customized to fit almost any size laptop. 

The hardest part is cutting the shelf brackets - but everything else can be done in minutes.

Step 1: The Materials

You will need the following:

4 Ekby Stodis plastic shelf brackets

1 pair of Lansa Handles or 1 pair of Vinna Handles
For this instructable I used 10 1/16" Lansa handles on the black stand and 5" Vinna on the smaller stand.
Either way, I only use the handle not the included riser/extension. (Save those for some other project)

1 pair of Rull Knobs or any other knob set you'd like

Felt pads 

2- 2" metric-sized cabinet knob screws (these are included with the IKEA handles)

2 - 1" metric sized cabinet knob screws
2 - 1/2" metric-sized cabinet knob screws

Miter saw, or jig saw, or dovetail saw


Sharp utility knife

Screw driver

Step 2: Make a Pattern

The easiest way to decide how much rise to give your stand is to make a pattern.

Lay 2 brackets on a flat surface, back to back, and trace the form onto a sturdy piece of paper. Cut out the pattern and trim the "back edge" and the "leg" to the desired size. 

Transfer the marks and make your cuts. 

Trim any rough edges and sand as needed. 

Step 3: Assemble the Stand

Lay out your parts and assemble!


Step 4: The Stand in Action

The two stands shown here - one for my Lenovo Thinkpad (11.6" screen) and the other for my Fujitsu Tablet PC (12.1" screen) are custom-sized for each.

An additional feature is that each stand can hold a small external hard drive or other small peripheral below the laptop.

Because I often work at my kitchen table, these stands are perfect for my needs. I use an external keyboard and am able to raise each laptop screen to a more comfortable viewing height.  

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9 years ago on Introduction

Looks OK... What's that device thingy underneath?


10 years ago on Introduction

Wouldn't it more economically to just buy the IKEA laptop support for $2.49?


Of course, there is the factor of creativity. Great idea though.


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

When the Ikea stand you mention, the Brada, came out, I bought two. The Brada is cheap and useful - but made for a 17" laptop.  It's measurements are 16.5" by 11.25". I cut one of them down to 10.5" wide, but the back of the support still extended several inches beyond the back of each of my computers. That was a deal breaker for me . . .  So no harm done, and I am only out $2.50. (I have re-purposed them as desktop artist easels)

Through some trial and error, I have come up with a solution that minimizes the physical footprint of the support and is easy to modify for a customized fit. 


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

I haven't seen the Brada, but based on the photos alone, yours breaks down so that it should fit very nicely into a laptop bag. I've travelled a lot for work, and I know first hand that, if it doesn't fit in my laptop bag, I'm not bringing it with me. Nice instructable!


10 years ago on Introduction

That is cool!!! put a couple of fan's in between the bar's & hook it up with a usb!!!