Introduction: IKEA Table With Under-shelf Storage

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This is an IKEA table hack that replaces two legs with a shelf on one end of the table. Several customization options are possible: number of shelves, height and depth of shelves, how many shelf levels, size of table top, configuration (L configuration shown in picture) is up to you. Also, it can still be disassembled and re-assembled.


I designed and built this table based on the following requirements

  • Ability to disassemble and re-assemble for easier transportation
  • Storage to keep the table top clean and improve usage of space
  • Cost effective (IKEA parts help)
  • Look aesthetically pleasing

Step 1: Dimensions and Materials​


Choose the width of wood to achieve your desired shelf depth. I chose 1x8 which means the wood is 3/4" thick and 7 1/4" wide.

The length of wood required depends on how many shelves and shelf levels you want (more shelf levels means more wood required). It also depends on your selected table top size since IKEA table tops come in different sizes.

IKEA parts

LINNMON table top (39 3/8 x 23 5/8") - different sizes available

ADILS legs (silver) - different colours available

Step 2: Making the Shelf

Prepare shelf boards

Cutting the boards to length is pretty straightforward. The hardest part is cutting the dados (grooves on the side which add strength to the shelf) and making sure they line up so that you end up with level shelves.

Here is the technique I used for making sure the dados line up between the two sides

  1. Measure and mark one side
  2. Cut dados on that one side
  3. Use the side you just cut to transfer the dado locations onto the un-cut side. Using this technique, the dados line up (see picture).

Assemble shelf

After all boards have been cut to length and dados have been cut, glue and screw the boards together. If necessary, refer to the CAD drawing in the previous step.

Step 3: Assembly

Follow the IKEA table top and leg assembly procedure on one end of the table.

Place a rubberized drawer liner on top of the shelf to prevent the table top from slipping while sitting on top of the shelf.

On the other end of the table, rest the table top on the shelf. I made two shelves and chose to use an L configuration as shown in the picture.

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