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Introduction: IKEA USB Lamp Hack

Hi there,

this is my first instructable. It came to life under unusual and far-from-favorable circumstances. I almost feel bad to call it a hack; it just all fell in place in front of me.

While I was traveling work-relatedly I got bored and started playing around with the stuff in my backpack. God-knows-why a cheap IKEA USB lamp (jansjö or something like it) was there and also a USB power pack. And there it was: a multi-purpose torch!

Unfortunately, I only had my cell phone camera to shoot some images, so pardon me for the quality. Anyway, it will give you an idea.

Step 1: Strain You Imagination!

A quick search in instructables showed that nobody ever married those two handy little fellows. So I am the first to proudly present: the [insert imbecil nordish name here]!

Not only is a a nice makeshift nightstand lamp as in the image above. It will crawl with you under your desk whenever something is askew there. And you can actually wrap it around your head and hang it over your ears to make a headlight. Hooray!

Lady Ada's brilliant USB Charger Doctor indicated 20 mA of consumption, but I surely will strip one of those and put a stronger LED into the bendable neck. Next time I am at IKEA I will get a couple of them, cheap as they are, and play away.

Post if you find some more use for it!


Step 2:

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    7 years ago


    How long does the Power bank last if you leave the light on continuously?


    8 years ago on Introduction


    I jus thought the same led usb lamp a few days ago and my intention was to use it with my Xiaomi portable power bank. However, the lights kept going off every 10-15 seconds. I am googling for a solution to fix that and chanced upon your post. Do you have any problems like mine? Any suggestions?? Thank you! :-)