IMATION APOLLO M100 500gb External Drive Disassembly

Introduction: IMATION APOLLO M100 500gb External Drive Disassembly

Bought IMATION APOLLO M100 500gb External Portable Drive, frustrated with the transfer speed (70gb - over 25 mins), i decided to open up the enclosure for the 500gb hard drive and installed it into my FIREWIRE 800 enclosure which has a much higher transfer rate (70gb - less than 15 mins). Guess voiding the warranty won't be an issue for this model, because it's one of the easiest to open compare to other IMATION portable drive. And fixing back will be just as easy.

Step 1: Just Use Your Fingernails or Small Flat Bladed Screwdriver

No screws on this Plastic external drive. But there are 2 gaps on each side, where you can use just your fingernails or a small Flat Bladed screwdriver to open it. Is that simple.

Step 2: Inside the Enclosure

Step 3: What's Inside

It's a Toshiba 2.5" SATA Harddisk.

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