IMPROVED Binder Clip Gps/cell Phone Mount From Office Supplies




Introduction: IMPROVED Binder Clip Gps/cell Phone Mount From Office Supplies

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I love this GPS and cell phone mount (seen here and here) and built several.

However there are several flaws that make it impractical (especially in the winter):

  1. HEAT! Electronics hate heat. Especially batteries. My cell phone once warned of an overheating battery.
  2. The large binder clip won't firmly grab the small fins on the vent.
  3. Not easy to position toward the driver or passenger.
  4. Rubber bands dry and break when exposed to heat and sun.

I set out to remedy these shortcomings but kept with the spirit of using only office supplies!

Step 1: 3 Binder Clips and a Pen

To make one, you'll need to sneak into the office supply cabinet and "borrow" 3 binder clips (small, medium and large) and one Bic pen.
The cap on the pen should fit very snugly (or glue it in place). It should slide down the med binder 'vent' clip but the cap should stop it from going further. Snap the small binder to the pen shaft well out of reach of the car vent. Finally attach the GPS/phone clip (following the other instructions) to the handles of the small clip.

If you use rubber bands, prepare to replace them every week when they inevitably break. Instead use silicone bands. I found a couple holding one of my kids toys in the packaging. Maybe someone can suggest a good cheap (free) source - perhaps in in the produce isle in your local supermarket holding herbs together?). I tried springs, but they didn't work as well.

I placed shrink tubing over the GPS holding 'arms'. This prevents metal from scratching the GPS and allows a bit of friction to keep the GPS from sliding around.

Extensive testing (15 minutes this morning ;) showed it holds the weight but vibrates a bit. Not enough to worry much, but I wouldn't recommend this mount for a road rally.

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    6 years ago

    I used a ponytail holder in place of the rubber band. It's lasted well over a year now. And I clipped my binder clip to the overhead visor. And paracord to cover the metal arms.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Two updates: 1 - I've found a better replacement for silicone bands. Craft stores sell "Stretch Magic" in 1mm dia. Its a polymer band material meant for bracelets that's stretchy even in cold and hot, and is strong enough to hold a phone tight. The only catch is you need to put a drop of superglue on the knot to keep it from unraveling.

    2 - The large binder clip isn't long enough to grip wide(>6" dia screen) phones.


    -Instead of rubber or silicone elastics, i suggest using a piece of bike s inner tube. You can cut it so thick as needed, and is stronger and lasts long even in warm or sunny conditions.

    Ill try my own version of this mount very soon :P


    7 years ago

    Love this idea. Getting a new phone soon and I've been staring at my vent trying to figure out how to mount my phone from it since it's the right height that I want. Thanks for this, can't wait to try it out.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    btw, if that radio in the car looks familiar, its from ;)