Introduction: IMPROVISED DYNAMO POWER SUPPLY(with Charger Ports,led Light,mini Fan)

Portable charger are pretty common these days,. So, if you happen to have a portable charger that can only last few hours of charging  & replace the power source, here’s your chance to have it updated with dynamo power supply(with charger ports,led light,mini fan)  that last even forever & absolutely RECYCLED !!! :)

What this instructable does:
Has a motor converted to generator(dynamo) that produced  electricity efficient to charge a mobile phone, lighten led’s, & turn the propeler of  mini fan. It is also a powerbank because it has a rechargeable battery that stores energy when you turn the dynamo.

Step 1: Have the Materials

- 2Hobby Motor one use as dynamo & one for mini fan (we hack 12v motor from a junk water heater dispenser as dynamo & a motor from old cassette tape recorder)
- Gears (we hack gears from the tape recorder 3gear we use big,medium,small)
- Capacitors  use to store energy( we hack eight 1000µf capacitor from  AVR,  chargers,)
- 6vBattery (we hack two 3v in series, from old cellphone battery and emergency lights)
- 2LED (we only use what we have but you can  use any kind of led  you have)
- 3switch preferably SPST switch (switch from of the avr)
- Wires ( we hack wires from the charger)
- USB port(female) & charger ports (male) from mobile chargers
- Case for  the dynamo (we hack case from AVR)
- Case of the mini fan(we hack mouse as case )
- Propeler for the mini fan( we hack propeler from  toy)
- Rotating knob to turn the dynamo( we hack the knob from the electric fan, the one responsible why e-fan swing) see fig.

Step 2: Connect the Motor the Gear

See fig.1 and fig.2

I suggest to find  constructed gear just like we use,we hack it from tape recorder.
Also Connect  the rotating knob to the bigger gear be sure that when you rotate the knob the shaft of the motor rotates,,you can use your own technique”distinct aproach” to make it.

Step 3: Soldering All Capacitors

Connect all capacitors in parallel,See fig.3. you can use #22solid wire for connecting,be sure to test  1st the capacitor using multimeter before soldering.  Soldering is pretty hazardous, so be very careful, soldering tip is very hot, I suggest to use soldering stand to prevent damage to your workplace

Step 4: Fit the Switch,port,led’s to the Case

See figure… but you can make your own depends on your case
I suggest to use a drill to make hole on your case.

Step 5: Connecting All Components

Follow the diagram  I made, you can use PCB to make it tough, no matter what design you made the most important is to connect the components properly. That’s it for powersupply.

Step 6: Making the Mini Fan

We use mouse as a case, it is very simple, just open the mouse then make a hole with same diameter of the motor then fit it.
For the connection refer to the schematic diagram below.
We hack the three push button switch of the mouse to turn on/off the fan.


Stare at your creation and enjoy it's many use and benefits! :)

Thank You very Much for your time on checking out our cool, efficient, useful and purely recycled project! :D