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I previously made a touchscreen Macintosh by replacing the guts with an iPad mini. I was showing that off to my friends and someone offered to give me their old iMac G3! It wasn't working but he still had all of the peripherals and even the original box! I couldn't turn it down even though I didn't have an idea of what to do with it.

Three years later I finally got my inspiration: my cat, Abby! I've seen some of these online before but a gutted iMac makes a great cat bed!

It's really not a very difficult project, just takes some time and fitting. Let's get to it!


  • iMac G3
  • Foam padding
  • Fabric or pillow case
  • Wooden dowel

Step 1: Disassemble the IMac

I could go through and give you a step-by-step to disassemble the iMac G3 but I've only done it once, I'm no expert! Instead I'm going to share the video I used to help me disassemble my iMac step-by-step.

Find that video by TheMacintoshBuyer on YouTube here:

Step 2: Clean Up the IMac Shell

My Mac was a bit dirty and had some weird residue left on places. If yours is the same, clean it!

I used a solution of vinegar and water to get most of the stuff off. Goo Gone got rid of the tough stuff.

Step 3: Modify the Mac Shell a Bit

The Mac case has some weird extrusions that are helpful for a heavy CRT screen but not for a cat bed.

So we need to get rid of them. An oscillating multitool seemed to work the best.

Cut off the two tall extrusions on the bottom white plastic piece (see photos).

Step 4: Reassemble Your IMac

Now it's time to reassemble your iMac shell. Just go in reverse of what you just did. It's a bit tedious but it's doable.

Some pieces won't be attachable because the internal components are missing like the CD slot cover. So we have to hot glue them on!

For the front CD slot cover, line it up and tape it in place. Then hot glue it from the back side.

I used tape and hot glue in the same method for the side door that used to house the USB ports.

Step 5: Make the Interior Cushion

Now let's make a custom cushion to fill the inside for your cat to relax on.

I just used a roll of leftover foam that I had lying around. It was quite thin so I had to use multiple layers but that ended up working great because I could custom fit each layer to lay flat in the bottom of the Mac. So it'll take a bit of fitting because the bottom of the iMac isn't uniform but just take your time and you'll get there.

I just covered the cushion with a gray pillowcase so it'll be easy to wash in the future. Just tuck the extra material under the cushion so it's not visible. Simple and easy.

Step 6: Stabilize the IMac

Because we took out that massively heavy CRT monitor, the iMac balances differently. It's a bit tough to explain but if your cat climbs in the back of the iMac bed, they'll tip it backwards. So we need to stabilize it with a extra leg.

I found a dowel that fit into the back screw location right within the iMac handle (see photo). I cut that to length and added a nonslip foot to act as a sort of kickstand on the back. This extra leg ensured that the iMac was stable and wouldn't tip no matter where Abby put her weight inside the iMac on the bed.

Step 7: Introduce Your Cat to Their New Bed!

Abby was a bit hesitant of her new bed at first, I was afraid it might've been too small for her. But after some convincing using treats she warmed up to it and it's nice and cozy for her to curl up in..

She started going in there herself once a day for the first week for just a minute or two. But now she uses it as her normal bed! She lays in there for hours at a time!

Please let me know your thoughts on this project, if you try it yourself, along with any ways to improve this design.

Oh and I'd be so grateful if you voted for me in this Instructable contest if you feel I deserve it.

– Travis

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