Introduction: IMac G4 IPad Pro Mount

Create an awesome iPad Pro Stand using and old iMac g4 Lampshade computer.

Step 1: Remove the Screen Bezel

Removing the screen bezel is pretty easy once you get it started. The bezel is held in place by many plastic tab's. Some will be damaged in the removal but for this mod I won't be using any of them to re mount the bezel so once I got it started I just pulled only being careful not to crack or break the bezel.

Step 2: Removing the LCD Panel

Removing the LCD panel proved to be harder than I expected. Working on other iMac's it's as easy as removing a few tork screws and it pops right off. Later I found some along the bottom edge on the outside but at this point I had already preyed it off only breaking the bezel holder in three spots.

Step 3: Removing the Display Housing

Removing the display housing is pretty simple. Just remove the four tork screws and it comes right off, leaving you with the wires the connected to the LCD hanging out of the arm.

Step 4: Trimming the Wires

This is where my mod changed from what I originally wanted to accomplish. The plan was to run an audio and lighting cable through the arm so that it would all look like one complete device. However after removing the arm from the base and taking the arm apart removing the old wires was simple. But putting the new cables through the arm without cutting them and splicing them back together was impossible. Since I'm not very good at that I opted to give that up and just have a nice sturdy stand for my iPad Pro. So if that is the option you go with then all you need to do is trim the wires at the arm and put the housing back with the four tork screws you removed earlier.

Step 5: Fitting Your IPad Pro

Fitting the iPad Pro in place was made easy by half inch wide rubber weather stripping and gorilla tape. I covered the entire back of the frame with a layer of gorilla tape the filled in all the areas around the iPad with the rubber weather stripping and then applied a layer of gorilla tape over the top of the weather stripping. Then in each of the top corners, the top middle and the middle of the sides and bottom I placed small strips of industrial Velcro. This can be found at the hardware store. It comes in strips 3 inches long by one inch wide. I put the hard plastic hook side on the mount and then applied the soft loop side to the iPad case.

Step 6: The Final Product.

I'm very pleased with the final product. In fact I'm creating this instrucable while sitting on the couch using my new creation. My headphones fit great. And if I need to charge it while in the stand I can do that also. Let me know what you think of my mod and please feel free to ask any questions you might have about any of the steps that I left info out.

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