Introduction: IMovie 10.1.1 Basic Edits

I quickly cover, largely with keyboard shortcuts, how to do things like splits, zooming and moving video from the Browser to the Timeline in this video.

To select all, Command A. To deselect all, Command Shift A.

To select a clip, double click in the Browser. Single click in the Timeline.

To select part of a clip: position cursor at start, press i. Position cursor at end press O. Alternatively drag across lower half of clip in Timeline. (Dragging in top half will drag it.)

To play from the beginning of selection press /

To play from playhead, press spacebar.

To add selection to timeline, press E to add to end.Press Q to add as an overlay, to connect (where Playhead is). Press W to add as insert (where Playhead is).

To trim a video, position the pointer at the end or beginning and drag it to the length required. Alternatively select what you want to keep, then press Option /

Snapping can be turned on and off with the key N (or from the View Menu).

To zoom in press Command =

Zoom out is Command -

To split a track I position the Playhead and click and press Command B. If I want to split all videos at once, select all, Command A. If I want to split two, select the two, using Command when clicking on the second.

To play a section as a loop. Press / to play. Press Command L to continue the playing in a loop.

To place a marker, press M.

To play in Full Screen, Command Shift F. To exit Full Screen, press Escape.