Introduction: IMovie for the Classroom

In these instructions, you are going to learn how to plan, create, and edit your very own iMovie in order to get an A on that pesky video assignment. In order to create an iMovie you will need these materials: a Mac computer, the iMovie application, and most importantly, a creative mind.

Step 1: Planning

Like any other school project, you must decide on what the topic of your video is going to be. Most school projects have a theme or set of guidelines to follow, so your creativity may be limited.

When thinking of an idea for your video: Figure out what topic/subject is appropriate, in regards to your assignment. Decide on if you want to have a more basic or more advanced video format. Once you figure that out, figure out what effects/features would fit your format.

When thinking of the organization of your video: Establish a clear order of content Beginning, Middle, and End Create an outline, in order to create the best possible order for your video. Decide in advance what content you want to use Images Video Clips Decide how long you want your video to be Take into a consideration if there is a minimum and maximum limit for your assignment. If you run into trouble with length, think about your content, what can you expand upon or speak less about?

Step 2: Effects and Features

iMovie helps make video cre simple! They have pre designed templates and other effect options that are helpful to experienced and first time users alike.

When beginning the production of your video…

Choose a theme from the iMovie preset list that fits accordingly to your video. You can preview slides by dragging your cursor across the image

Choose transitions that are eye-catching, but not distracting to the viewer. You can choose the speed of transitions by moving the bar next to “settings”

Step 3: Audio

Using audio will make or break your video. It is important to choose the best sounds and/or music to make your video stand out.

When selecting what audio you want to use…

Decide if you want sound effects, music, and/or your own voice

If you want to use music from your library… Select the iTunes tab under the “audio” heading

Choose which parts of the song you want to use by altering the start and end points

You can locate sounds effects and create your own audio in Garageband in the “audio” tab. Make sure to cite your audio and images at the end!

Step 4: Editing

Tweaking and editing your video will give you a polished finished product. Make sure not to take this step lightly, because there’s a decent chance there are more mistakes than you realize.

When you are finished creating your video, make sure to watch it, to make sure you have little to no errors. You should also have others watch your video and check for errors.