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A mini indoor hanging planter, combined with a compost tube. This model was designed in TINKERCAD.

Step 1: The Design

This model is an attempt to create a planter that nourishes it's soil for longer than a simple mini pot. This is supposed to happen due to a compost tube placed in the center of the pot. The food waste, leaves etc. inserted in the tube should be chopped and chosen according to the needs and ph of the soil we want to create.
In the attached sketch you can see how the planter works.

The design of this planter is still under progress so please be forgiving in any mistakes.

Step 2: Slice and Print the Model

It would be nice to print this model with clay but I chose to print it with PLA as I firstly wanted to see if it actually works, or if it has any design faults etc. The model can be easily scaled up according to the printer you want to use. You may also add holes on the compost tube to increase the ammont of nourishing juices that flow in the soil.

You can find attached the stl files dowloaded from TINKERCAD.

Step 3: The Final Model

As soon as you print the model choose what you want to plant in it and how you are going to start the composting pulp. You can hang the planter or just leave it standing wherever you like.

There are many informative instructables that explain widely how you can create your homemade compost, so I will not analyze this topic in my instructable. I would be pleased to read any suggestions on how to improve this design! Print and enjoy...

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