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A simple little hack that will give any ghost hunters two Infrared lights for under five pounds

Step 1: Items and Tools

Ok - first things first
Drop onto Ebay and get hold of a pack of infrared LEDs ( about one pound ninety for 100) - size 5mm.
Call into your local POUND WORLD shop and pick up two of the head torches - one pound each - two IR lamps for about four pounds, cool or what.

Tools -
Needle nose/tapered pliers.
Small cross head screw driver.
Soldering iron.
Scrap wire - about 300mm.

Step 2: Step 1

Take a light and unscrew the front - removing collar, glass and reflector.
Gently remove the standard LED array and unsolder the two power wires.
Keep the LEDs on the board as they can be used for another project - all in place and just the power wires to be re soldered if needed.,

Step 3: Step 2

Grab you IR LEDs and remove nine
Put one aside as it will be going into the middle position.
Looking at an LED you will see inside the is a large wedge side and a small wedge side.
Take four LEDs and bend the connectors into a L shape.
Take another four but using the inside view of the LEDs, bend them in the opposite direction.
Now bend all of the LED connectors outwards, forming a kind of offset T - (it's easier to look at the photos).

Step 4: Step 3

Take a left and a right - and link the LEDs in parallel.
You can use the power pack to test the LEDs if ya need.
No need to solder yet.

Step 5: Step 4

Gently tweak out the connectors till the two LEDs snugly fit into the reflector plate.
Make up three more sets and drop them into the reflector

Step 6: Step 5

Now solder all the links together - making sure that the positives and negatives are in line running around the reflector in two rings.
Ok, take the connectors on the inner ring and bend them towards the LEDs on their left and right, making a solid, unbroken ring and solder the cross over points

Step 7: Step 6

On the outer ring cut off the extra connector material - this leaves little hooks around the outer circuit
Cut a piece of spare wire into a length long enough to run all around the outer ring, with some left over and remove the insulation.
Using one of the hooks secure one end of the wire and solder.
Run the wire around the outer edge till it gets to the start, using the hooks to secure as you go round, solder all points.

Step 8: Step 7

Check to see that the LEDs work by touching the power wires to the circuit, when the LEDs light then solder into place - - not finished yet.
Take the last LED and after checking the polarity, drop it into the center hole, connect it into the circuit at any point - check it works too

Step 9: Step 8

Drop everything back into place and check one more time and your good to go - start on the next torch.
When your done grab your IR camera and go get some spooks on screen.


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