About: hi guys as a dj i love sound and light,and alway love a new bit of tech that comes along that can enhance a nights atmospher,but i struggle with funds to buy the gadgets to use in gigs so im always thinking of…

hi guys thought i would upload images of inside my r2dj nightclub laser to give you some ideas on projects,personaly i dont know anything about electronics but iam starting to learn somthing about bits and bobs, i hope this helps and im sorry i cant go any deeper into techinal information i.e parts because my brain will explode :)
specs taken from a website:

Animation Laser
40mw green dsps diode laser scanner
Pre-programmed geometric patterns
Built-in animation display with cartoon, images and messages
Dual beam & multiple pattern function
Dmx 512 compatible with master / slave operation
Sound activated operation
Automated stand-alone operation
Space ship design chassis
Multi-colour self illuminating chassis
Compact/light weight - very portable
Fan-cooled operation - no duty cycle
Safety key included

home video: