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Drinking out of Mason Jars is very popular at the moment. But have you ever tried drinking something hot out of a Mason Jar without a handle? They get hot. REALLY HOT. So this idea was inspired by the porcelain reusable coffee cups that have a rubber sleeve.

The sleeve is removable. Let it air dry properly, if you wash it. This project is really cheap to make as it uses things you probably already have at home. If you don't, the Dollar Shop should have all you need.

You will need:

- A Jar

- Rubber Bands

- Some kind of String (I used 100% Cotton string)


The weaving I did took FOREVER. Put as many rubber bands as you want as neatly as possible on the jar. The more rubber bands, the wider the sleeve! You can see on the picture that there are 2 layers of rubber bands, just ignore that. Pretend only the top layer exist.

Leave a little bit of space between each rubber band. Think about the colors because they will be a little visible.

Don't try to pass the entire ball of string at once, it won't work. Cut a bit off and roll it up into a small ball and then just tie a little more string to it when you finish that bit.

As you are weaving it, make sure to keep the rows as straight as possible. Taking time after each row to straighten it up will save you a headache at the end. The rubber makes it hard to move the string.

After almost making my fingers bleed I decided to I use a little knitting needle to pull up each rubber band.


So now that you have a fabulous tea mug, make some tea!

The sleeve can easily be slid off and put on to different things like glasses or other bottles!

The Mason Jars are great for this as they will not drip. You can get your tea ready and stick it in your bag as you run for the bus. This way when you've missed it and you have to wait 30 minutes in the cold and rain at least you have some tea to warm you up!

Also, the lid of the jar is great to put your tea bag on while drinking the tea.

Since I used 100% cotton string, I might dye it a little later. Not totally sure yet, but it's nice to have the option.

Hand wash and let air properly to ensure your sleeves stays nice.

Enjoy your tea or other hot beverage on the go!

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