In the present world, where the parents would be busy leading their professional life, it is difficult for them to find sufficient time for their baby. Also it is the general customary of the society that the mother have to take care of the baby, along with their professional and family life. But the babies cry often during their sleep and can be soothed back to sleep by rocking the cradle, in most cases. This requires lots of physical effort and time of the mother, which doesn’t promise a lively mother care. An Intelligent Baby Rocker which swings automatically after detecting the baby cry is, to an extent, a great relief for working parents. Considering the fact that the baby cannot be left unattended, and needs ultimate care, the system is equipped to check for the conditions where attention is required. A camera is also incorporated in the system, to track the events. I-Baby Rocker is one which can be extended to neonatal departments in hospitals and also to the daycares. As in these areas there might be many babies and a few care takers to attend them.

Parts needed

1.Arduino Uno board

2.Raspberry Pi

3.Wooden cradle

4.DC Motor



7.Resistors,capacitors,diodes etc

8.Wet sensor

9.USB Camera

Step 1: Setup the Baby Cradle

The cradle here i made as a part of my project. It's a big cradle which can hold a weight of 15kg. It is made of wood and plywood materials. To achieve the swing motion, motor is rotated for 700ms and then stopped for 900ms. The mechanism of swing can be seen in the schematics picture. A plate of 12cm dia is attached on the motor. A shaft is attached between motor and bassinet. When the motor moves, bassinet also get moved.

DC motor specifications



Step 2: Cry Detection

Baby cry is detected using mic preamplifier circuit. The circuit consists of condenser microphone, resistors,capacitors, 2N3904 transistor, lm386 audio amplifier etc. The output of the amplifier is fed to the analog input of micro-controller. The micro controller is programmed to to rotate motor when cry detected.

Step 3: Wet Sensor

Wet sensor is used to detect the presence of water(Urine). The moisture sensor having two leads in mesh form is used here. Wherein, one lead is connected to the micro controller ADC pin and the other to the ground.

So when the baby mattress get wet the two leads will get shorted and this short circuit is detected by the micro controller. Thus the wet sensor helps the baby to remain in a hygienic condition by detecting wet. When baby's mattress get wet, this is informed to care taker by playing a music, for that a melody generator circuit is used.

Step 4: Melody Generator

Though a mother can understand the different reasons behind their baby’s cries, the system is equipped with a wet bed detection system. This informs that the bed is wet and has to be changed so as to prevent the baby from waking up. A wet sensor is employed for this. Another alarm is provided to inform, that the baby hasn’t stopped crying and they must be attended with no delay. Keeping in mind, the alarm sound will disturb the baby; melody generators which would generate different sounds that wouldn’t harm the baby in any ways are used.

melody generator ic-bt66 19l

Step 5: Online Baby's Live Video Streaming

Raspberry pi and a usb camera is used for video streaming (implemented using motion library). Set raspberry pi as a web server using Apache for continuous video streaming.

Step 6: Motor Driver

Motor is drives using a 5V relay connected to the micro controller.

Step 7: Micro Controller

Arduino uno is the microcontroller used in this project.