Introduction: INTERLOCKING / INTERLOCKED MetroCard Origami

About: Hi. I have 2 instructables so far, both on modular origami made from plastic cards the size of NYC MetroCards.

Hello. This is an INSTRUCTABLE tutorial designed to teach anyone with 12 MetroCards (that they can recycle) to make a 2-part Interlocked / Interlocking MetroCard Modular Origami construction. I used 12 NYC MetroCards and have a video and complete diagram set showing the process and steps. The final part of assembly is not diagrammed but it is easy enough to figure out how to intertwine the 12 pieces (6 pieces for each of the 2 polytopes) for assembly. Take note that steps 1 through 10 can be used to make the CLOSED-FACE polytope which cannot be interlocked. Completing the remaining steps will provide you with the elements needed to assemble the interlocked pieces.

If you think this INSTRUCTABLE tutorial needs something or is missing something that would make it clearer, please leave a comment or send me a direct message here or email via .

Thanks for your interest in this artform.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: