Simple LED Torch!



Introduction: Simple LED Torch!

I am going to show you how to make a simple and affordable DIY torch.
you may copy and modify anything, but be sure to show me XD.

This is my first inscrutable.
so sorry for bad gramma/punctuation and bad photos. 

- small DC switch(3 pins)
- LED (preferably 'HIGH BRIGHT')
- Two 1.5v coin cell batteries
- small amount of (solid core) wire
- Blue tack or Hot glue gun

Step 1: The LED

for the first step you need to bend the LED's leads to fit snug into or next-to the small switch.

Once bent, blue tack or glue the LED to the switch and thread the negative lead of the LED trough the hole closest to the lead(not the middle), on the switch.

Step 2: Soldering

Solder the LED's negative lead to the switch's pin. 

make a small battery holder and solder the positive lead to the battery and the battery's negative lead to the middle pin on the switch, using a small amount of wire.

to test/turn your torch on slide the switch into position.
here is some images above are pictures of the finished torch.

Step 3: DONE - I Think...

Finished now you have your finished LED torch!

use as an emergency light.
or to scare off nasties in your bedroom at night! XD

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