Introduction: Bluetooth Controlled Home Electronic Appliances

This is my first Instructables , hope u all like this one.
Its an app based project ,where u can control the electronic appliances in home by an android app.By using this app ,we can control the electronic appliance in 3 rooms where each room has a capability of having 4 electronic appliances(1 analog and 3 digital electronics).Totally we can control 3 analog and 9 digital electronics by this app.

Working video:-

Hardware required:-
Bluetooth module -HC 05
Jumper wires
LCD display
Potentiometer (10k)

Software required:-

Arduino IDE
MIT App Inventor
JAVA Development Kit (JDK)

Price to built it:-
2500INR (Indian rupees)

Difficulty level:-3/5

My current project: (Check this)

Wifi chat -DIY


Note: new compatible source code is added ,to support Mit app inventor beta (.aia) .please check step 2

Step 1: Circuitdiagram

HC 05 to Arduino connection:-
pin Rx --> pin TX
pin TX---> pin RX
pin VCC-->3.5v pin in arduino
pin GND--->pin GND in arduino

Arduino to LCD connection:-

Refer the above images.

*Potentiometer is used to adjust the brightness of the LCD.

Step 2: Making an Android App by MIT App Inventor

There are many ways to create an android app. I have chosen Mit app inventor as it is so easy to learn .
click the link to create your own android app,
you can login from your gmail account to create an android app.

Softwares required:-
Mit app inventor
Javadevelopment kit (jdk)

After creating the interface u need to open the block editor .

!!!soon i will upload the source of my project!!!

Download the app:-

Bluetooth controlled home.apk-----(1.45 mb)

Copy the app in your mobile and install it.

default password:-abc1

App source code:-
due to many request for source code of the app , i'm happy to share it.
click the link to download..

New Mit app inventor beta (.aia)

app source code--(181kb)

Old Mit app inventor classic source code (.zip)
app source code--(184.22kb)

how to use source code:

upload this source code in ( and modify it for your use accordingly
(please give credit for the app :P)

Step 3: Arduino Coding

Softwares required:-

Arduino IDE 1.05

In this project ,i have used arduino uno
feel free to use any version of arduino like arduino leonardo, arduino due or any other open source platform like raspberry pi.

I have attached the arduino code ,feel free to modify the code as per your application

click to download arduino code

Step 4: Conclusion

If any kind of information is required, please put it in the comments .
Soon i'll post the source of the android app.
Thank you

Note: new compatible source code is added ,to support Mit app inventor beta (.aia) .please check step 2

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