Introduction: IOT Based Live Portraits

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Hello World,

Since we got to know about this IOT contest we have been thinking, thinking and thinking then we came up with the idea of making a portrait that is actually in motion. This portrait is very cool as whenever someone enters your home he/she would be amazed to see a portrait greeting him/her. This works on the principle of PIR (passive infrared sensor) so, whenever there is a human presence it there this portrait will greet. In this instructable, you will be learning:-

  • How to control a servo motor
  • How to work with PIR sensor
  • The basics of Arduino

Step 1: Material Required

For making this Live Portrait you would require:-

  1. PIR Sensor
  2. Servo Motor
  3. BreadBoard
  4. Arduino UNO
  5. Pencil
  6. Scissors
  7. Cardboard
  8. Coloured Sheet

This would be easily available online

Step 2: Drawing the Face

Now using a pencil start drawing the face. We have made an aged man you can make whichever character you want.

Step 3: Cut Through the Borders

Now using scissors cut through the borders of the head carefully

*Be careful while using scissors because scissors are sharp

Step 4: Paste It

Now using a PVA glue paste it on a sheet of any contrasting colour. I am using an orange sheet. Don't apply much of glue because it may cause wrinkles and may also destroy your artwork.

Step 5: Draw the Hand

Now take another sheet of paper and draw the hand. Don't forget to draw a hat on top. You can see the image above and get better understanding

Step 6: Paste the Hand on Cardboard

Now take the hand and paste it on the cardboard. this will ensure that the hand is stable.

Step 7: CUT

Now cut the hand. Be careful while cutting the cardboard.

Step 8: HOLES

Now make 2 holes. First besides the right arm and second on the left shoulder. See the images above to get a better understanding. Make the holes appropriately with a diameter of around 3mm.

Step 9: Attach the Servo

Now attach the servo through the hole on the left arm. Refer to the images above

Step 10: Remove the Cap of PIR

Gently pull of the cap and it will get removed.

Step 11: Paste the PIR

Paste the PIR through the hole beside the right arm. Make sure that that there is no obstacle in the path of PIR.


Now attach the arm to the servo motor using glue gun

Step 13: Checking the Servo

Now check the servo

RED- 5v

Black- Gnd

Orange- pin 9

Step 14: Final Circuiting

Now refer to the image above and Wire accordingly.

Step 15: Code

The code is very simple you can code it yourself or you can just download the code given below. After wiring, open the Arduino software. If you don't have that then Download it from Run the code and upload it

Make sure that you are using the correct port and correct board is chosen.

Step 16: Finally It Is Ready

Now hand it to the wall and show it to your friends.

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