Introduction: IOT Based Weather Monitor

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Hi, guys today we will see how to make a weather monitor using NodeMcu and Google firebase. First, What is firebase? Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform. Why I chose firebase is because it can be easily maintained and it is free of cost. So let's see what are the things we need.


  • NodeMCU - 1 Nos
  • DHT 11 - 1 Nos
  • Jumpers
  • An Internet connection

Step 1: Creating Database

First you need to create a Database in Google firebase . For any doubts please see this video : youtube

After creating the database go to project settings and copy your project Id and go to service accounts and on the left side click database secrets and copy your secret which we will use later

Now this part is over

Step 2: Arduino Code

Now download this code and open it in it change the things which is listed in the code

And after the code is uploaded you can go to your database website and see your data.