Introduction: IOT Mood Lamp

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A IoT Mood lamp made using a Node MCU(ESP8266),RGB LEDs and a Jar. The colors of lamp can be changed using Blynk App. I have chose Tony Starks Memorial Statue which I have 3D printed to put in this lamp. You can take any readymade statue or you can 3D print as I have did.

Step 1: Supplies:

  • Node MCU(ESP8266)
  • 5V LEDs(Red, Green and Blue)
  • Jar
  • Statue
  • 3D Printed Parts
  • Paint
  • 5V Micro USB Adapter

Step 2: 3D Printing:

Step 3: Painting:

  • I have painted all the 3D prints and Jar cap in white color.
  • You can directly print the desired colored 3D model if you have the right color material or you can paint as I did.

Step 4: Circuit Connection:

  • Make all the connections as shown in circuit diagram.
  • D2~Red
  • D3~Green
  • D4~Blue

Step 5: Assembling:

  • Put the statue on a base using waterproof glue.
  • I have used spray can cap for the base which I painted white.
  • Fill the water in the jar and close the cap.
  • Now put the NodeMCU inside the 3D printed case and place it on the base of the Jar(i.e top) using glue.

Step 6: App Setup:

  • Click for App
  • Install the app, create a account and login.
  • Create a new project, Select the board as ESP8266.
  • You will receive a authentication code of the project in your E-Mail which we will use in the code.
  • Click on the add button and add ZeRGBa widget.
  • Click on the widget set the R~GP4, G~GP0, B~GP2 and turn off the send on release button.

Step 7: Code:

  • Click For Blynk Arduino Library
  • Open the given link and download the Blynk zip file.
  • Open the Arduino IDE and add the Blynk library to Arduino IDE from Sketch->Include Library->Add .Zip library.
  • Open the code from Files->Examples->Blynk->Boards_Wifi->ESP8266_Standalone .
  • Copy paste the authentication code received in email.

char auth[] = "YourAuthToken";

  • Enter you home Wifi Name and Password

char ssid[] = "YourNetworkName";
char pass[] = "YourPassword";

  • Then select the board type as ESP8266(NodeMCU)
  • Select the port and upload the code.

Step 8: Final:

  • Take the 5V micro USB adapter to power the lamp.
  • Turn ON the lamp.
  • Open the app, click on play icon on top right.
  • And that's it you can select the color you want on the lamp.

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