Introduction: IOT Smart Infrared Thermometer (COVID-19)

Due to the COVID uprising of 2019, we decided to make an IOT Smart Infrared Thermometer that connects to smart devices to show the recorded temperature, this is not only a cheaper alternative, but also a great teaching module for tech and IOT that we use in collaboration with schools, government institutes, and in our own workshops!



Soldering iron & wire

Solder flux (optional)

Wire cutters

Tack it or other means to secure components when soldering (optional)

Hot glue gun or other means of securing components

Wood glue to secure outer casing


WeMos D1 mini x1
GY-906 MLX90614ESF BAA (infrared temperature sensor module) x1

TCRT5000 (IR proximity sensor module) x1

AMS1117 3.3V (voltage regulator) x1

DC 5.5*2.1mm (power jack socket) x1

Rocker switch x 1

5mm LED x 1

Buzzer x1

18650 battery holder x 1

Heat shrink tube 10mm (Can be replaced with hot glue to prevent short circuits)

Double sided tape 3*8mm (Optional, used to secure AMS1117 to DC 5.5*2.1mm)

M3*8 screw + 3 mm nut (To secure casing) x2~4

Outer casing (Links to plans below)


Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Plans for the outer casing is provided in PDF format above, the design is made for 3 mm thick boards.

Step 2: ​Assemble and Solder the Hardware

Since infrared thermometers are meant to be handheld, we have to keep it small and compact, thus making the wiring and solder paths more complex, if you are unable to understand the pictures, please follow the video tutorial here.

Step 3: Software & Coding!

After finishing the hardware, we will continue to test your circuitry and upload the code to bring your creation to life.

The tutorial for this can be found on YouTube "here"