Introduction: IPad 3/iPad 4 Digitizer Replacement

iPad cracked?? Broken glass everywhere??? Grab your tools because we've got a simple tutorial that provides a step-by-step walk through on how to replace your iPad 3/4 digitizer. Before you start, be sure to grab all the necessary supplies.

Tools Needed:

1. Plastic Pry Tool

2. Scissors

3. Metal Pick

4. Small Phillips Screwdriver

5. Screen Removal Tool

6. X-acto Blade

7. 1/4 inch DigiStick Tape

8. 1/2 inch DigiStick Tape

9. Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

10. Super Glue

11. Small Clamps

12. iPad 3/4 Digitizer

Step 1: Remove Broken Glass

Now that you have all of your supplies, you are ready to get started. To remove the digitizer, you will need a heat source that can loosen the adhesive under the glass. We, at TechRestore, use the Hakko 850 Hot Air Station. This heat gun allows complete temperature control from room temp to 540ºC in a small focused area, giving us the necessary tools to work with the high volume of repairs that we do. If you have access to a heat gun we suggest you use it for this project. If you do not have access to one, a household blowdryer will work fine and is usually just hanging around your bathroom.

1. Apply heat to the edge of the digitizer to loosen the adhesive under the glass. Start to the left of the home button to avoid overheating the cables located on the opposite side.

2. Use the X-acto blade to lift your first corner of glass.

3. While applying heat, carefully pry open the digitizer with the metal scraping tool.

4. Once the digitizer is lifted from the adhesive, insert the plastic pry tool between the body and glass. Proceed to pry off in a clockwise direction.

Step 2: Remove LCD

1. Now that the glass has been lifted, the LCD is exposed for removal. Use the small phillips screwdriver to remove screws located in each corner. *circled in image.

2. Lift the LCD from rear housing case and unplug the cables from motherboard. *circled in image.

3. Removed LCD and place to the side.

Step 3: Unplug Digitizer and Clean Surface

1. Lift the digitizer cables from the motherboard. Remove digitizer cable. *circled in image.

2. Use the iPad screen tool to clean adhesive from the rear housing case surface. We will be re-gluing the new digitizer, so a clean surface is needed.

*Tip: Use heat gun momentarily on your iPad screen tool to heat it, then scrape the adhesive. This allows the tool to remove the adhesive with less effort.

Step 4: Apply DigiStick Tape

1. Apply 1/4 inch Digistick to the height portion of the edge of the rear housing case. Trim tape accordingly.

2. Apply 1/2 inch DigitStick to the width portion of the edge of rear housing case. Trim tape accordingly. Be sure to leave the home button and front camera areas untaped. *circled in image.

*Make sure the plastic trim ring is in place as you apply the tape.

Step 5: Install Digitizer/Reconnect LCD

You are almost finished!!!!!

1. Connect the new digitizer cable to the motherboard.

2. Reconnect LCD cable to the motherboard. *circled in image.

3. Set LCD back into rear housing case in its correct position.

4. Use the small phillips screwdriver to put screws back in each corner slot. *circled in image.

5. Place digitizer over LCD and power up unit. Test your digitizer to make sure it is fully functional.

Step 6: Apply Adhesive

1. Once the unit is tested and ready to finish, power off unit. Remove the plastic layer of tape to expose the double sided adhesive.

2. Loosely place digitizer in position and apply super glue to each corner, as well as any areas where tape was not applied.

3. Clamp down the edges of your unit. Use the plastic pry tool as a wedge to apply even pressure to the digitizer. Be sure to clamp each corner where super glue was applied.

4. Allow unit to sit and dry for 10-15 minutes. Remove clamps.

Step 7: Turn IPad on and Enjoy.

Mission accomplished!!! You have replaced your iPad's digitizer. Power your unit on, open your favorite app and enjoy the new screen. While you're enjoying your iPad, give us a visit at Thanks for using our tutorial.