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Introduction: IPad/E-reader Stand

This stand makes a great gift for anyone with a tablet or e-reader. It's quick and easy and not very expensive to make. Many fabric stores sell what quilters refer to as "fat quarters" (18" X 21.5"). These generally cost $2-$3, otherwise around 1/2 yard of material will make 2-3 stands depending on the direction of the pattern on the fabric. The measurements aren't written in stone either. I have cut the material anywhere from 18" - 22" wide and 12" - 14" high. The stand just ends up being a little smaller or larger.


½ yard of fabric



Stiff plastic such as plastic cutting board

Marking pen or pencil

Chopstick, small dowel or screwdriver

Step 1: Cut Fabric

Cut 19” x 13” rectangle

If fabric has 1 way design, design should be upright on 19” side.

Fold the large rectangle in half right sides facing together and pin.

Note: Fold on the 19” side.

Step 2: Stitching Sides

If fabric is 1 way design, leave opening on bottom side of design.

Sew around 2 sides leaving one of the narrow sides open.

Trim the corners.

Step 3: Making the Base

Leave bag inside out

Open the bag, placing the seam touching the table.

Make sure the seam is in the middle, flatten the bag making a square on top.

Fold the top corner down to the center of the square as shown in picture.

Mark along fold and stitch on line.

Turn bag right side out, pushing point and corners out.

Step 4: Template for Base

Template for plastic base should measure: top - 4 1/2” wide, bottom - 9½” wide, height - 7 1/4”.

If you cut fabric a different size, just measure seam you just sewed for base (top of template) and the width of the bag (bottom width of template). I made the template about 1/4" shorter than these measurements with the base about 7" - 7 1/2" high. Again, this isn't critical, if you used a smaller height of fabric (12"), I would use the 7" measurement but it basically won't make that big of a difference in the angle for the stand.

Trace and cut out of plastic cutting board.

I also rounded off corners on plastic base.

Step 5: Stuffing Stand

I mark a line 1 1/2" from bottom edge. I then mark lines 1/2" and 1" towards peak. These will mark your sewing lines for channel.

Cut a piece of batting larger than template especially extending in front to help pad channel. I place batting and template at base inside stand. Then start stuffing it with polyfil, use as much as you like depending if you like it softer or firmer.

Once there’s enough fill, pin the stand along marked line closest to peak.

Step 6: Stitching Channel

Stitch along 1st marked line closest to peak. If you really stuffed the stand, a zipper foot might work better for this.

Stitch along next 2 lines.

Step 7: Making Lip

Fold the fabric in on edge so fabric measures between 1" -1 1/4" from last row of stitching to edge.

Pin along the edge.

Stitch very close to edge leaving a small opening (about 1-1 1/2").

Step 8: Stuff Lip and Finish

Fill lip with polyfil. I found a chopstick works well for this but a dowel or screwdriver would also work.

You can fill the lip a bit more firmly than the stand.

When done stitch the opening by machine or hand.

Step 9: Finished Stands

And that's it! It's fun to find fabrics that fit with the recipient's lifestyle, hobbies or interests to really make the stand personal.

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    5 years ago

    Is the plastic piece placed at the bottom where the bag sits, or at the side/back where the tablet leans?


    Reply 5 years ago

    The plastic piece is placed on the bottom. I round off the corners and put some batting around it also so there isn't a sharp edge against the material.