Introduction: IPencil Case

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Once you have all the pieces, this will only take 5-10 minutes to make, tops. Srsly, it's kind of embarassing as 'structables go.

I've kept work/research journals for the past 25 years, and switched over to digital this year. I initially bought the iPad Pro 12.9 to read and markup pdfs, but quickly discovered how useful it is as a journaling platform, especially in combination with an Apple Pencil.

Because I use it for work, I needed a way to carry the pencil back and forth from home. I use a piece of a triangular silicone sleeve for grip comfort when writing, and to keep the pencil from rolling off table tops.

I wanted something minimal, but which was still offered substantial protection for the pencil, without the need to remove the sleeve each time I packed up. Since I was disappointed at the available commercial options, I built my own.

  • 1" rigid acrylic tube (0.75" internal diameter)
  • 3/4" pipe stopper
  • 1" heat-shrink tubing (2 pieces, 1" long)
  • 3/4" diameter cork stopper

Step 1: Cut to Acrylic to Length and Remove Metal Hardware From Stopper

I cut the acrylic tube to a 7 3/8" length, but this was just an eyeball approach. It shouldn't matter much if you're off a bit, since you'll have another depth adjustment in the next step.

The black pipe stopper was somewhat pricey ($5:50 plus tax) but since it works so well, I think it's worth it. All you need to do is remove the metal hardware, which is as simple as holding the threaded end fixed, and rotating the lever end until it comes apart.

Step 2: Fix Stopper to Acrylic Tube With Heat Shrink Tubing

After the rubber cork is free of the hardware, insert it into one end of the acrylic tube, and add two layers of 1" heat shrink tubing. The first should go a bit over the butt end of the cork, to ensure that the cork stays attached to the tube. The second heat shrink goes over the first, for extra certainty.

Step 3: Adjusting the Removable Cork

Go slow, removing bit by bit until you have a secure fit over the pencil, but are able to fully insert the cork into the tube. It's soooper simple, but it works.