Introduction: IPhone 7 Display / LCD Replacement

Follow the steps from the guide to replace your display!

Step 1: Remove the Two 3.4 Mm Screws on the Bottom Edge of the IPhone.

Step 2: Attach a Suction Tool to the Lower Half of the Display Assembly.

Step 3: Pull Up on the Suction Cup to Lift the Display Up

Step 4: Remove the Following Four Screws.

Step 5: Remove the Two Screws Securing the Bracket Over the Front Panel Sensor Assembly Connector.

Step 6: Disconnect the Two Lower Display Connectors.

Step 7: Remove the Three Screws From Either Side of the Display.

Step 8: Remove the Three Screws Securing the Earpiece Bracket.

Step 9: Remove the Four Screws Securing the Bracket.

Step 10: Lift the LCD Shield Plate From the Display

Step 11: Remove the Earpiece Speaker.

Step 12: Remove the Home/Touch ID Sensor.