Introduction: IPhone Auto Clicker

Currently there are no real good auto clickers for the iPhone today. Here is a great simple method to get auto clicking fast!

Step 1: Download Veency

This process requires a cydia jailbreak called veency. Download it and there is no icon because it's in settings. This enables your iPhone to be controlled by your computer via VNC technology!

Step 2: Open Up Veency

To get to the Veency app scroll very far down almost to the bottom of the settings menu. Once you see the Veency app, click on it. Slide on the 'Enabled' Button at the top. I recommend you set a password for your phones safety!

Step 3: Head Over to Your Computer

Once you set up Veency go to your computer and get VNC software. I recommend RealVNC. Then once it opens it will ask you for an ip address and let me show you how to get that.

Step 4: Find Your IPhones Ip Address

Go into the settings and wifi then on the wifi your connected to press the (i) button and its the top one. Settings > Wifi > (i) > Ip Address.

Step 5: Finish RealVNC

Type in your iPhones ip address in the box and it will look for it. Once found press continue and continue again. Then type in password if needed.

Step 6: Boom Setup Autoclicker

When the VNC screen boots up it should be black. Hover your cursor over the estimated area of the VNC screen and start your auto clicker. Then your clicking away!!

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