IPhone Charge Stand

Introduction: IPhone Charge Stand

The first step was to create the front rectangle face with a width of 3 and a length of 7 (inches). Then extrude the front face and create a new sketch for the ridge that holds the phone. those dementions were 1.5 from the bottom edge, .5 thickness, 1 in length and an extrusion of .2 .

Step 1: Making the Support Stand

In this step you make the support that holds up the stand. First you make a sketch 3 in from bottom edge make a .2 thickness and extrude 3 in. Once it has been extruded you fillet the two 90 degree inside edges with a .25 fillet.

Step 2: Designing the Cord Hole

In this step you make the hole for the cord to pass through. First you look at the very bottom face of the design and make a .4 thick rectangle in the center. Once you have that then you extrude that by .2 .

Step 3: First Design

Here's my first design. This didn't work out so well because it was too small for the phone and the height from the cord entrance to the phone was too small for the charger to fit so I had to raise up the ridge.

Step 4: Here Is the Final Product

I did notice that the back still needs to be a bit longer. It is also slightly off balance so to fix that I need to raise up the back support structure.

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    4 years ago

    This is awesome! It would be great to see the file uploaded so others can print your stand as well!