IPhone ID Card Stand

Introduction: IPhone ID Card Stand

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This Intractable will show you how to make a nifty stand for your iPhone for free using old ID cards or any plastic credit card-sized card.

Step 1: Divide ID Cards Into Thirds

Divide the ID card into thirds and mark it with a pen. The pen will rub off so be careful. Also, you might have a little trouble marking the cards with a pen. You might have to get crafty with that.

Step 2: Fold the Card

First fold the right most third back behind the rest of the card. Try to make the best crease you can. Then fold the left most third forward on top the card. Once again, make a good crease.

Step 3: Position Lip in Front

Set your phone on the stand. Then mark with a pen or sharpie how much space you need for it. Then, fold along that mark to create a space for the phone to sit in.

Step 4: All Done!!!

Now you have a stand for your iPhone to watch movies or do absolutely anything with. This is my first Instructable so tell me if you like it!! Thanks

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