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This is a completely wireless, battery-free, eletronic-free passive phone speaker that is literally not much bigger than your cell phone when folded up. I made a wooden passive speaker a couple of years ago for my wife, which she uses quite often, but it's not portable. This one she can throw in her bag and use when she works as a nanny to play music for the kids.

Step 1: Materials and Drawings

The materials I used included a thin hard plastic garage sale sign, an old denim shirt, two sided tape, duct tape, and a couple of small rare earth magnets.

Start off by cutting the plastic to the given sizes and shapes with an olfa knife on a cutting board.

Step 2: Creating the Booklet Part 1

Staring off with a piece of blue duct tape (sticky side up) place the strip (D) up the middle of the tape, position the two pieces (A) leaving a little space between , about 1/8'' of tape showing (this will act as a hinge).

Flip it over and cover the entire other side with duct tape. Flip back over and position strip (C & B). Trim the tape all around the edge so that it is flush with the plastic.

Step 3: Creating the Booklet Part 2

Cut a piece of lightweight denim a little larger than your booklet (I used an old shirt) and tape it good side down. Cover the fabric with two-sided tape. Re-cut the fabric to 1/4'' larger than your booklet and cut the corners to a 45 degree angle.

Step 4: Creating the Booklet Part 3

Flip your booklet back over and remove one backing strip off your two sided tape and stick your booklet into position, fold the denim over onto the duct tape.

Remove the rest of the backing strips and stick the fabric to the booklet. Fold the other three edges over and press down between the plastic strips to create the hinges.

Step 5: Upper and Lower Speaker Cone

To create the upper and lower speaker cone, position and stick pieces down onto white duct tape (leave a 1/8'' gap to create a hinge). Cover the whole side in duct tape and trim the edges so that it's flush around the plastic.

Flip over and apply blue duct tape to the entire other side and trim to 1/4'' away from the plastic. Fold the blue tape over on the curved edge only. Leave the rest exposed as this is what attaches the cones to the booklet.

Step 6: Lower Snap-Out Section

Position the two pieces onto blue duct tape and trim flush all around. (Note: the notch in the bottom is the thickness of your phone and 1/2'' wider than your phone). Flip over and put one strip of blue duct tape up the middle. Cut slit in this strip and fold over the edge.

Tape an elastic band to create a spring and cover each side of the elastic band with another piece of tape. Trim as per picture and leave the tape exposed on both ends.

Step 7: Installing the Upper and Lower Speaker Cone

Fold the upper and lower speaker cones in half, with the blue sides facing in. Position and stick one side of the cones down to the booklet, as pictured. The lower cone is 2 1/2'' up from the bottom of the booklet. Close the booklet and stick each speaker cone to the other side of the booklet. Once you have the two pieces in the right position the booklet should close easily once the speaker cones fold in half.

Once you have them in the correct position, put another piece of white tape to lock them in place on the inside. I used a piece of blue tape to cover over the white on the booklet back.

Step 8: Installing the Spring Lower Section

Position one side of the lower spring section (2 1/4'' away from centre spine) and close the booklet to fasten the other side. Lock into position by applying another piece of tape on the inside. Once everything is fastened in your booklet it should close up easily and stay open when the lower section is pulled out.

Step 9: Conclusion

I added a few strips of tape to embellish the speaker cone and also applied two small rare earth magnets to hold the booklet closed when not in use. Tape one on the inside of the cone section and glue one to the flap

This may not be as fancy or work as well as a bluetooth speaker but it will amplify the volume of your phone speaker and I find that is sounds less tinny as it does directly from my cell phone.

A fun little project that fits comfortably into any pocket, thanks for checking it out!


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