Introduction: IPhone Touch ID Windows Login

After RFID and phone call windows login, i have an idea to login with iPhone fingerprint sensor.

The project based on the first two, the arduino code is similar.

In this case im used an arduino "beetle".

Its a minimized leonardo with USB connector, i can connect directly to my pc USB.

The communicating between the iPhone and the arduino is done with a HM-11 BLE module.

Can use HM-10 too.

Because the HM-11 need only 3.6V and the Beetle have only 5V output, im used a simple AMS1117 3.3

voltage regulator to power the bluetooth module.

Step 1: Arduino Code

Arduino code is very simple.

Just a serial communication, reading data from the BLE in the arduino Rx pin.

When the incoming string is "aaa", then arduino emulating keyboard press, and type the password in the

windows login screen password textfield, and press return key.

"aaa" can be anything, just change the iPhone site too.

Step 2: IPhone App With Xcode Swift

IPhone app have two part.

First is the Touch ID reading.

When app opened, automatically start reading.

Touch ID read can be start with button too.

Second part is an one way Bluetooth communicating.

When app opened, the iPhone check the bluetooth modules name (uuid), and if find one with specified name ("IMIBT" in this case) then connecting to that HM-11, and stop scanning.

To connect to your BLE modul, you need to change the uuid in the code at the marked line.

When Touch ID accepted our fingprint, send to the arduino the "aaa" string.

Thanks for watching.


Check video description, Arduino code updated!