Introduction: IPhone X Pop-up Greeting Card

In this instructable , I will show you how to make an iPhone X Pop up Greeting card

Step 1: Learning the Basics : Types of Fold and Scoring

Other than cutting you will need to make folds for your objects to pop up

There are two types of folds :

1)Valley fold : This fold usually makes a right angle and the the two portions of the paper make a shape of a Valley.

2)Mountain fold : This fold usually makes a 270 degree angle and it is reverse of valley fold . The two portions of the paper make a mountain.

In a simple pop up card , the ratio of valley folds to mountain folds is 3:1 . This ration usually works out in even complex objects though it may somtime become 2:1 or even equal

To establish the folds , we need to score the paper . Scoring is partially cutting the paper (cutting about 1/3 of paper ) but instead of cutting partially , I just like to crease the paper.

There are proper tools for scoring , exanple - teflon bone folder .Though I just use a compass for it as it works great on thick paper (it cut through too thin paper )

Step 2: Learning the Basics : How the Objects Actually Pops Uu

To make the object Pop up corectly , basic theory is that the vertical lenght of the support paper strip(horizontal lenght depends on the object ) should be same as the the distance of the base of the object from the centre crease .

The above image will explain the what I am trying to say

Once you have understand that , you are ready to make a Pop up iPhone X greeting Card.

Step 3: Gather the Materials

To make the iPhone X Card , you will need the following materials :

● A4 Cardstock : 1x white and 1x colored ( I recommend using 200-300 gsm cardstock)

● Craft knife (or X acto syle knife)

● Pencil and eraser

● Ruler

● Set square (I use this more than the ruler)

● PVA glue (Elmer's , Tacky glue etc.)

You will also need to make a template of iPhone X outer dimension with curved corner

Dimension are ~140mm x 70 mm though that would be too big for card so i am using 120mm x 60mm dimension (It still maintain the 2:1 ration of the phone)

Step 4: Watch the Video