Introduction: IPhone Amplifier Made of Cheap Materials

You want to increase the volume of iPhone music? Do not want to buy expensive speakers? You are on a camping trip or in the office and want to listen to music?
Here you will find the answer!

Step 1: Step One

What materials are needed?
2 cups Styrofoam / plastic / paper
Plastic bottle / can
Insulating tape

Step 2: Step Two

Take the cups and with the knife cut the bottoms out

Step 3: Step Three

Cut the plastic bottle into 3 parts.
We will use the middle part that look like a tube.

Step 4: Step Four

We will take the middle part of the bottle (the tube) and by using a knife we shall cut a thin slot just in the dimensions of the iPhone.
The slot shall measure approximately 1.5X6 centimeters

Step 5: Step Five

At last - we neet to connect the cups (Those without bottom) to part of the bottle (that we cut).
The parts will be attached with insulating tape.

Step 6: The End

We will put the iPhone with the speaker side (bottom side) into the opening in the facility.
We activate the music - and what's left is to enjoy :)

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