Introduction: IPhone Holder 2

I made this phone holder from seeing someone on here create one from a hotel room card key .The only thing is that i couldnt stand it upright to read my ebooks.So I slightly modified it by using 2 paperclips and a plastic card .

Step 1: Step 1

bend the card about half and inch for the rim (to keep the phone from sliding )

Step 2: Title This Step2

 after bending the half inch rim bend the card in half slightly without breaking the card just enough to keep it at about a 60 degree angle to stand on its own.

Step 3: Step 3 Adding the Paper Clips

after youve got youre horizontal stand done you are going to need to poke 2 holes about .5 mm from each edge and 1mm down with a safety pin or thumb tack to make a hole for the paper clips.

Step 4: Step 4 Making Back Support for Stand

fold the paper clip out pulling the 2 ends away from each other to create an S shape.Now straighten one end of each paperclip and insert into the two pin wholes as shown in the images.

Step 5:

now twist the two ends of the paperclips kind of like bunny antenna ears just make sure the two ends on the inside intersect to create leverage to counterweigh the phones weight .

Step 6: Now Just Try It Out

phone should hold firmly and stalbe upright or horizontaly. Enjoy !!!!!