Introduction: IPod Touch Stand From Desktop Calendar

This is a super easy to make IPod Touch stand for using your charging / synch cable and headphone jack while standing your IPod Touch up in verticle position using nothing but a cheap page a day desktop calendar.

Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed

1. Desktop Calendar with Plasic Stand
2. IPod Touch
3. IPod Touch Charging / Synch Cable

Step 2:

Modify Calendar

Remove any old dates if you wish, take it down to an empty plastic stand.

Step 3: Make It Your Own!

I printed off a picture of Cafe' Du Monde in New Orleans and cropped down to fit as a backround. This then makes the stand look like a picture in frame on your desk when you're not using as an IPOD Touch Stand.  Use any picture you wish; family photo, comic, photo of favorite vacation spot...

Step 4: Final Assembly!

What's to assemble?  Just run your charging / synch cable and headphone or speaker cord up through the gap in the front middle of the base.


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