IR Motion Switch




Introduction: IR Motion Switch

IR sensor motion switch is used to instead of the ordinary switch used for the lights & fans in the home. This Motion switch is used to avoid the current leakage form the switch & avoid the current based accidents. This type of product that won't be failure at any of the condition. This my first instructable which will be a cheaper one.

Step 1: Collect the Materials:

Materials required for the project is,

1. IC lm358 & cd4017.

2. IR Receiver ( IR LED) and Transmitter.

3. Variable resistor 10k.

4. Resistors 220 ohm-2

10 k ohm-1

100 ohm-1

5. 2 Any color LED

6. Bread board.

7. Jumper wires.

8. 9v Battery.

Step 2: IR Sensor's Working & Circuit

IR sensor motion detection is used in this switch. This motion detector will detects the object crossing across the two IR sensors namely IR transmitter (Tx) and IR receiver (Rx) . When the object (Reflecting surface) is detected IR receiver receives the infra- red rays from the IR led and then activates the circuit. Then the reflecting surface in my project is our hand.

Then use this circuit for the project.

Step 3: Terminal (+,-) Identification

Before connecting as per circuit firstly know the terminals of the materials and how it is determined in the circuit diagram.

1.For LED,IR LED & IR receiver the longer lead is the positive terminal and other shorter lead is the negative terminal.

2.For IC's Use the pin configuration numbers.

3.For VR 10k center pin is output and end pin be used as any one either +ve or -ve.

Step 4: Complete the Primary Circuit

The primary circuit is the IR sensor's IC lm358 circuit.

Vcc pin 08 - +ve terminal of battery

Gnd pin 04 - -ve terminal of battery

pin 02 - +ve terminal of IR Rx

Connect as per the circuit diagram to get the reference LED turn off when object crosses or invert the 2 & 3 pin of the IC lm358 to get the inverted output to the reference LED. Such as when the object crosses the Ref LED will glow or else remains off state.

I have not used the VR 10k, if you need to get the inverted out as i told above please use VR 10k.

After completing the primary circuit check whether the IR emitter is emitting the IR rays or not. To check open your smart phone camera and focus the Ir led and now you can see the Ir led glows as in my image (marked as IR emission). This can't be seen in our naked eyes without camera.

Step 5: Complete Secondary Circuit

The secondary circuit is the simple IC cd4017 connection.

i.e Vcc pin 16 - +ve terminal of 9v battery.

Gnd pin 08 - -ve termial of 9v battery.

pin 13 - Gnd pin 08.

pin 04 - Reset pin 15.

pin 03 - Resistor 220ohm Which is for our light.

Finally clck pin 14 - Output pin 01 of IC lm358.

After completing the circuit your project will be as in the video. Check as like me whether works or not.

Step 6: Finalization.................

Connect the primary and the secondary circuit to finalize the project.

Connect the IC cd4017's clck pin 14 - Output pin 01 of IC lm358.

now our project is completed.

Connect the simple relay circuit in place of the Light LED in the Circuit diagram which is connected to the IC cd4017 ,To connect the household 220v lights or Fans directly into your project without voltage fluctuations

The full working and making video of this project is below.

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    4 years ago

    dude Ive been trying to figure out how to do this particular type of motion switch FOREVER! thank you!

    Sugan Pandurengan
    Sugan Pandurengan

    Reply 4 years ago

    Did you made this successfully? I think it will be more useful to you.Thank you for your compliments.


    4 years ago

    That's a neat setup :)