Introduction: IR Proximity Sensor - 16 Set

This is a DIY IR proximity sensor with 16 sets of IR Inputs. A common application of this is detecting black and white colours for line following robots or even for things like haunted houses where if a person gets too close an object it'll trigger something to popup.

With this circuit, you can interface 16 different and independent IR sensors onto the board each triggering a new action!!!

Step 1: BoM

* IR Sensor Match Pair -- IR Emitter and Photodiode

* LM358 Comparator Op Amp


* Perf Board

* Wires

* 10k Potentiometer


* Soldering Iron

* Solder

Step 2: Solder IR Module

Follow the schematic diagram on the connections that will be soldered.

* Place the components through the perf board and tape them

* Solder them in space.

* Snip the excess wires

* Solder the bridged and jumper connections.

You will need 16 of these modules.

Step 3: 16x Controller Board

There will be 16 IR modules so we need two rows of 16 header pins.

* Solder the header pins onto the perf board.

These IR modules will be compared to each other in the case of black / white detection of 16 objects which is the application I designed for.

* Solder the electronic components in place - potentiometer, IC socket, and LED

* Solder all these 16 header pins in parallel to the Op Amp as shown in the schematic (but extended to 16 in parallel)

* Solder a long wire parallel to the anode of the LED which will give the input to nay micro controller and report the result.

Step 4: Done!

This is a rather tedious circuit that took hours to make.

I hope you enjoyed it! I'd like to see what applications you make with this circuit!

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