Introduction: IR Remote Control Decoder Using Arduino

Hello Makers, This is a full tutorial on how to decode any IR Remote control. Just follow my steps below :)

Step 1: Watch the Video

First Up, You need to watch the video to get an idea how to do this and what things are needed, I have shown everything in my video. Link for that video-

Step 2: Buy Needed Parts

You don't need a lot of parts, Just a few-

1. Arduino Uno

2. 38KHz Universal IR Receiver (You can use any 38KHz one, I used TSOP4838)

3. IR Remote Control

4. Breadboard

5. Jumper Wires (Male To Male)

6. Your Laptop or PC

And That's It :)

Buy electronic components with cheaper price and free shipping:

Step 3: Download IR Library

Link to IR Library-

Download the folder above and copy it to Arduino library folder

Step 4: Download Scheme and Sketch for Arduino

The scheme shows everything about connections of Arduino with TSOP

Sketch And Scheme Are Below/ Above

Step 5: Troubleshooting Guide

Here's a Troubleshooting Guide in case your circuit does not work, It this guide doesn't help, Free feel to ask us questions in comment section of our videos.

1. Check the Pinouts of the IC, I Used TSOP4838 So Pins form left to right are as follows, OUT, GND And +5 Volts. Other IC's have Other Pinouts.

2. If exposed to higher voltages before, Your IC Could be damaged, Try using another one.

3. Most of the IR Remote Controls work at carrier frequency of 38KHz, Your remote may be different, So try another IR Remote Control.

4. Make sure connections with Arduino and TSOP Is correct, OUT To PIN 12

5. Make Sure that the path Between Remote control and TSOP Is not Blocked And is not too Long.

Step 6: Liking and Subscribing :)

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Step 7: