Introduction: IR Remote Control Repeater

Would you need change the tv chanels from a long distance even from another room this device let you do that.
(Te gustaria cambiar los canales de la tele a mayor distancia, o incluso desde otra habitacion este aparato te lom permite.)

My wife and I have a two History house and we have two tv one in the first floor, and the another in our bedroom on the second floor, the problem we only have one satelital decoder on the first floor. So we need something to change the chanels without stand up from our bed.

(Mi esposa y yo tenemos una casa de dos pisos, dos tv uno en nuestro dormitorio y el otro en el primer piso el problema que solo tenemos un decodificador en el primer piso. Entonces necesitabamos un aparato para cambiar los canales sin tener que levantarnos de la cama)

Step 1: What Do You Need (Materiales)

1 electrical outlet box 65 mm x 65 x 35 mm.
(1 caja de distribucion electrica de 65 mm x 65 x 35 mm.)

XXmts of  2 Pair Telephone Cable
(XXmts de cable telefonico de 2 pares)

2 IR leds
(2 led infrarojos)

1 any color led for optical feedback
(1 led de cualquier color para visualizacion)

1 old pencil or 5cm of 16mm orange pvc pipe
(1 lapiz viejo o unos cm de tuberia naranja (conduit pvc de 16mm))

1 four AAA Battery holder or even better a 5Vdc adapter
(1 porta pilas para 4 pilas AAA o mejor un adaptador de 5Vdc)

an  iron solder

an electrical drill

1-  5mm drill


1- 74LS14 Hex Inverter with Schmitt Trigger

1- 470Kohm resistor

1- 220Kohm

1- 10Kohm

1- 33ohm

1- 2N3906 PNP Transistor

1- 2N3904 NPN Transistor

Step 2: The Plan (El Plan)

Pros and contras
:) You can change the chanels from another room
:) all the parts are easy to find and cheap

:( The sunlight on the receiver  trigger the output so this will kill your batteries
:( Only have a detection distance of 40cm

Step 3: Electrical Schematics (Circuito Electrico)

Step 4: Building the Receiver (Construyendo En Receptor)

Assemble the components on the board
(ensambla los componentes en la tarjeta)

drill the outlet box
one perforation for the signal cable and power supply (ONLY if you use an external 5Vdc adapter)
two 5mm perforations for the leds
Finally assemble all
(Perfora la caja de derivacion)
(una perforacion para el cable de señal y para fuente de poder (SOLO si utilizaras una fuente de 5Vdc externa)
(Dos perforaciones para los led)
(Finalmente ensamblalo todo)

Step 5: Building the Beacon (construyendo El Faro)

weld the two wires to the Ir led
drill a  xxmm perforation on the pipe or pencil for the ir led,  and then put it inside
(solda los dos cables al led IR)
(Realiza una perforacion de xxmm en el tubo o lapiz para el IR led y luego ponlo dentro)

this is just a basic idea, build the beacon as beatifull you want
(esta es solo una idea construye l faro lo mas bonito que quieras)

Step 6: Try It (Pruebalo)

You must press a button from your remote control in front of the receiver and the colour led must blink
you must point the beacon in front of the ir receiver of the device you want to control
and that is
(Debes presionar algun boton del control remoto en fernte del receptor  y entonces el led de color debe parpadear)
(debes apuntar el faro en frente del receptor del aparato que quieras controlar)
(y eso... a disfrutar)

Thanks for reading my first instructables
Gracias por leer mi primer instructable