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Step 3. This is where it starts to get enjoyable. Once your head is completely dry draw a set of basic outlines on your clay so you can see which parts have to be built up. Once you've done this you can start by sticking chunks of clay onto the areas you want pronounced,
You have no need at this stage to be neat, really whack it on and build up the important parts and always make sure its symmetrical. Work the clay smooth with wet fingers until its a rough shape of Ironmans helmet.

Step 1:

Step 4. With war machine there are parts that are a lot more pronounced than others, so, same process as before, wet fingers and whack that clay on and smooth it down so no edges. Feel free before had to draw on the head again the parts you're going to build up i.e the jaw, mohawk. Whilst building them up your going to want to save yourself some work later and smooth it down as much as you can. I used a set of clay modelling tools i brought from amazon for £3 and they were perfect for shaping the edges. 

Once this is done draw on the edges that have to be sharpened up and add more clay to get the right angles your going to need in order to sand them to the right sharp egde shape after. Dont be too fussy as this clay sand really well.

Wait for the clay to dry completely then just go over the whole lot adding little bits of clay to fill in those little holes you think wont sand out and he should look something like the pictures below.

Step 2:

Step 5. This is where the helmet really comes to life! You want to use medium grade sandpaper and get crackin on him, Really get into all the edges and sharpen them up. Sand all over to a nice smooth finish. This is a really quick process and you will be amazed how quickly he comes together. 

REMEMBER: don't be scared about cutting/sanding too much, its clay, you can build it back up and start again if you cock it up.

Now to start cutting out, the sides of the mouth and mouth itself. I initially used a craft knife. Nice a light at first the deeper and deeper until you feel you can start digging the clay in that area out. 

Step 3:

Step 6. Lines and eyes. I used a razor blade on its own for all  the detailing on this helmet. Firstly, draw on the shape of part your going cut and shape then slice into the clay all the straight lines then you can dig out the area, shape it with the blade and sand it smooth. Easy, and do that with all the parts you want to shape. 

On this step i added the round circles for the ear cowlings. Simply roll out your clay to the desired depth and use a glass to cut it out and use water to stick them on. While there wet shape them as the smaller curved  top on the ear detail is very hard to do when the clay is dry.

The lines and curves on the sides of the helmet can be done with a ruler and a compass or you can have a go free hand, its not that difficult providing you've drawn them on first. 

Step 4: Final Stages

Step 7. This is the final touches stage. If theres any dimples in the clay (especially on the back usually) simply add a lil bit of clay, wait for it to dry and sand it down, Any rough edges on the bits you've trimmed just sand them down and there you have it! finished. Providing you have the time it should take you around a week to do.

The next instructable on this helmet is the spraying and paint detail, he's going to be the standard light grey and dark grey and will have orange lenses with red LED lights. I may do a battle damaged style paint job however this would mean me digging out my lovely smooth helmet so im not sure i'm brave enough for that. . . . we shall see.

I hope this has been a little bit more in depth than my initial helmet and i also hope it helps anyone out thinking of making THE coolest ornament in a boys lounge. . . . . enjoy. 

Step 5: Spraying

Lastly i sprayed the helmet in the war machine colours, simply masking tape off the front ant spray the rear then visa versa. Easy.
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