Introduction: ISP 6 Pin to 8 Pin Socket

THe reason i mainly built this project was to program the ATTiny45, which has a 8 pin connection, while my USBtinyISP (from Ladyada) only has a 10 pin and 6 pin connection. After snooping around the internet for about 3-4 weeks i found nothing what i really found was that i needed more stuff, so the cheap indian i am i decided that i would build a converter. This is mainly for 8 Pin AVR chips not really anything else, that is my assumption with the knowledge i have currently, for me this is a way i can program the ATTiny45 for the FireFly Jar.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
Soldering Iron (15-40 watt)
Solder $4
Flux (pen) $4
Helping Hands $1.99
IC Socket 8 pin $0.69
Pin Headers (single row) $1.99
Project Board $1.99

USBtinyISP $22
this can be used or someway for the computer to recognize the chip.

Step 2: On the Board

this picture ill show you the way to place the IC socket and the Pins

(note this is with the ground and the +VCC connected in the second image)

Step 3: The Rest of the Wires

this is with the rest of the wires first the Diagram

Step 4: Finished Product

so yeah thats the finished product a cheap way to make em, i might start building and selling them feel free to email me at if there are any questions or unclear parts of this, but please place the subject as Pin Converter otherwise im not gonna open it. :D