Introduction: ITTT Project 2018 | Earth


My school gave me a project where I had to create a interactive system using Arduino and build that in real life. I decided to make a world globe where your interaction with sensors and buttons would light up countries and make the globe spin.

This is my first time using Instructables, so if my steps are hard to follow you can ask a question and I'll try to help you!

Step 1: Supplies

This is everything I used for the project

Normal supplies
- Wood plank (40 x 40 CM)
- Wood plank (30 x 30 CM)
- Round styrofoam bal with 30 CM Ø and 20 CM Ø (20 is optional)
- Tools (Saw, figure saw, drill, hot glue)
- Acrylic paint (Black, blue, green, purple, white)
- Soldering iron
- Wheels

Arduino supplies
- Arduino UNO
- Breadboard
- Jumperwires or solding wires
- 2x LED lights
- HC-SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor
- 2x Potentiometer 10K (breadboard friendly)
- NeoPixel LEDstrip
- Resistors 220Ω
- Micro Servo

Step 2: Making the Base

The wood base
Get your wooden plank and saw out a 40 x 40 CM and 30 x 30 CM slice.
I started painting the 40 CM board first. Since I was going for a space theme I painted the wood in galaxy (Watch this video to learn how: Click)

For the 30 CM board I first traced the 20Ø styrofoam ball in the middle. This way I had a layout for where my breadboard and Arduino should lay. I made some markings where I wanted holes to be where the wires could go through and where I could put my sensor. An example of this is seen in the picture.
Drill out the marked holes and saw them out further with a figure saw if needed. When that is done you can finish off with painting the galaxy again.

The globe
Now is a part that is difficult for some. Get your large styrofoam ball (30 Ø) and sketch out the world on it. Do not use a pencil for this. The pencil will leave marks in the styrofoam that will stay visible even when paint is applied. I suggest a highlighter marker. To help yourself with this process I suggest first making an X on the ball from with one line is the equator. From her on out you can draw the world. I would also suggest having Google Earth open so you can get in some detailed if you want to.

OPTIONAL Inner globe
To support the LED lights I added an extra styrofoam. I cut 4 big holes on the sides for other wires to enter through (the servo, potentiometer etc) and added a few small holes with a sharp pencil for the LED lights.

The wheels
The wheels are there to support and rotate the world when the motor is turning. I used (3/4) wheels for this. They were applied in the 40 CM wooden slice. I used hot glue to set them in place, since my wood is thin and screws would stick out

You can still look between the 2 wooden boards, so if you want to cover that up you can buy some fabric (or cut an old shirt) and glue that to the side of the top board.

Step 3: Testing the Wires

Since it is my first project my wiring might not be optimal. Most of the supplies also need some soldering to reach the chosen place in the next steps. The only thing that already needs some wiring right now is the NeoPixel LED strip.

The wiring testing looks something like how in the picture.

Step 4: Soldering

To make sure everything reaches its place I measured the amount needed for each component. I also kept in mind that the motor might rotate some wires with it so I need some extra length for that.

Step 5: Putting Everything Together and Endresult

So now it is time for the annoying yet satisfying part: Putting everything together.

I started with the motor and the other component that are stuck in the wood.
I build up from there and fitted the lights in the small globe on the inside. After this I also made sure the LED strip was stuck on the inside of the globe and out the wiring in the right places.

In the end result you have a few small interactions.
- A small remote which turns the table on which the earth is laying.
- A sensor that lights up the Netherlands
- A rotating button which lights up Australia

I had fun making my first project and I hope I might bring other on their own ideas!
i hope everybody enjoys the rest of their day and make awesome project in your future :)