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     My daughter designed these robes. They are made from a nubbly polar fleece fabric.
     There are two different designs. One has the bubbly white fur around the hood, sleeves and bottom of the robe. There is an toddler version with the bubbles of white going up the front and around the hood. The toddler version I made because I hate to waste remnants of fabric and I thought a baby size robe would be adorable.
    This is a super easy project for a beginning sewer. I don't use patterns very often, but there are many basic robe patterns that could be found for this project.
     After the basic robe was assembled, I attached a hood .
    The bubble fur trim is made by constructing long tubes of fiber fill stuffed white fleece fabric. The tube is then cinched every couple of inches with thread and then hand sewn on to the robe. A long separating zipper was then added to finish the robe.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Haha. If we only had time to implement all the great ideas we have. You should see the lists of things I plan on making "someday".

    This is awesome! I love the size of the hoods! That is the kind of hood I want to put on my cape (I plan on making someday) :D