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Introduction: Ice-Cream Bomb

It's hard to concentrate when I look at that brings back powerful memories of this amazing dessert...delicious ice-cream all packaged in a crunchy coconut base and chocolate meringue. Oh, and did I mention the coffee, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavored ice cream? Booyah, so good!

We're using ice-cream that was already in our can do the same when you make this.

I hope this enjoy our take on baked Alaska.

Step 1: Ice-Cream Choices and Placement

Ingredients needed are:


  • 55 grams caster sugar
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • Coconut Base

Take the ice-cream out of the freezer and let it sit for 5 minutes to soften up a little, then using a fork mash it so it is easier to put in the bowl and smooth it out.

The size of the bomb is determined by the bowl you use. Choose your bowl then start piling in the ice-cream until you have the amount that you are happy with. To keep it interesting I made my bomb using four different flavors of ice-cream, placing them in the bowl in quarter segments. My flavors were vanilla, coffee, chocolate chip and strawberry ice-cream.

It's entirely up to you how you place the ice-cream in the may choose one flavor, or choose to layer alternating flavors from the bottom up which would look awesome when served. Oh, and remember that you serve this bottom side keep that in mind if you're being creative with your layering.

Below are the links to all the different ice-cream flavors that I have made. There are lots to choose from :)

How to make Ice-cream

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I Scream Extra for Extra Ice-cream

Step 2: Freezing

Once you have placed the ice-cream in the bowl use a spoon to push them all together. Cover the ice-cream with cling film then use your hand to smooth the ice-cream. Pop in the freezer to firm up.

Step 3: Assembling

I have covered a round tray with baking paper to sit my bomb on while cooking.

You will need:

  • Ice-cream in a bowl
  • A second bowl partly filled with hot water that is bigger than the ice-cream bowl
  • One tea towel

Place your Coconut Slice base on the tray.

Step 4: Removing the Ice-cream From the Bowl

Carefully place the ice-cream bowl into the bowl of hot water and leave it there for 10-20 seconds. Then remove the bowl and dry the it on the tea towel so water doesn't drip everywhere. Gently push on one side of the ice-cream so it comes loose then flip it onto your hand. Positioning the ice-cream over the top of the base gently sit it on top. Cover the whole thing in cling film and put it back in the freezer so it can go really hard.

Step 5: Making the Meringue

To make the meringue you will need:

  • 55 grams caster sugar
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder

Step 6: Whipping the White

In a mixer (you could also use electric beaters) whip the egg white until stiff. You should be able to lift up the beater and the peak that forms should stand up.

Step 7: Sugar and Cocoa

Add a tablespoon of the sugar to the whipped white and beat it in keeping the mixture stiff. Remove the bowl from your machine and pour in the rest of the sugar and the cocoa powder.

Step 8: Folding

Use a spoon to fold in the sugar and cocoa in the egg white until well incorporated. We fold instead of just mixing it in to retain the air that whipped into the egg white.

Step 9: Adding the Meringue

Take the ice-cream bomb out of the freezer and using a spatula gentry smooth the meringue.

Step 10: Baking and Enjoying

Place the ice-cream bomb in the upper part of your oven and bake at (180 C or 356 F) until the meringue is a nice brown - this should take around 4-5 minutes. Keep an eye on it as it can burn quickly and the ice-cream will melt. Once it is done take it out of the oven and serve it immediately

I KNOW you'll enjoy this dessert. Send me photos of your bomb-a-licous dessert!

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    Great recipe. I have always liked baked alaska. so I might have to try to make this.

    flour on my apron
    flour on my apron

    Reply 6 years ago

    All the best if you give it a go, and would love to see a picture :)