Introduction: Ice Cream Float

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Ice cream floats are one of my absolute favorite indulgences. I don't normally drink soda, but for some reason when it's mixed with ice cream, it transforms into magic in a glass.

These beauties are super simple to make. Let's go...

Step 1: Supplies

    • Ice Cream (I like to use vanilla, but I've heard that chocolate is also worth trying.)
    • Pop, a.k.a. Soda (Root Beer and Orange Cream are my faves, but others to try are Cherry & Cola)
    • Glasses
    • Ice Cream Scoop
    • Straws and/or Spoons
    • Garnish, if desired

    Step 2: Pour Some Sugar

    Fill your glass(es) up with soda approximately two thirds of the way.

    Step 3: Ice Cream Islands

    Next, add one big scoop of ice cream for a shorter glass and one and a half to two scoops to larger glasses.

    Step 4: Go With the Flow

    My ice cream eyes were bigger than my glass! I never cry over this kind of spilled milk. These tasty treats are best when they're a bit messy.

    Be sure to experiment with different sodas and ice cream flavors until you find your own magic combo!